At the Movies We Were Watching:
It's a Mad Mad Mad World
How the West was Won
The Birds
From Russia with Love
Tom Jones
The Great Escape
Bye Bye Birdie
Irma la Douce
Promises! Promises!
To Kill a Mocking Bird

Movie Awards:

Best Picutre:  Tom Jones
Best Actor:  Sidney Poitier - Lillies of the Field
Best Actress:  Patricia Neal  -  Hud
On Television We Were Watching:
American Bandstand
The Jack Benny Show
The Ed Sullivan Show
ABC Wide World of Sports
The Avengers
Mr. Ed
The Andy Griffith Show
The Beverly Hillbillies
The Dick Van Dyke Show
Make Room for Daddy
My Favorite Martian
Ben Casey
 We Were Dancing and Listening To:

Go Away Little Girl
Walk Right In
Hey Paula
Walk Like A Man
Our Day Will Come
He's So Fine
I Will Follow Him
It's My Party
Easier Said Than Done
Surf City
So Much In Love
My Boyfriend's Back
Blue Velvet
Sugar Shack
Deep Purple
I'm Leaving It Up To You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
In Dreams
In My Room
From A Jack to a King
You'll Never Walk Alone
I'll Keep You Satisfied
Blue Bayou
Bo Diddley
Surfer Girl
Be My Baby
If I Had A Hammer
Be True to Your School
Up On The Roof
The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
It's All in the Game


Los Angeles Ends Streetcar Service
Mickey Mantle Sign a One-Year, $100,000 Contract
With The Yankees
Barbara Streisand Won Grammy Award for Album of the Year, and Best Female Vocalist
Winston Churchill Retires After Long Political Career
The Beatles Got Their First U.S. Hit with "I Want To Hold Your Hand"
Russia Put First Woman in Space
"Hot Line" is established between Washington and Moscow
Queens, New York Housewife Forms Weight Watchers
Congress Votes to Guarantee Women Equal Pay For Equal Work
AT&T Introduces Touch-Tone Phones
Roger Staubach wins Heisman Trophy
The First 17 Members of the Pro Football Hall of Fall Were  Elected
A New Home Was $12,650
Average Income Was $5,807
New Car Was $3,233
Fresh Ground Beef Was $.40 Per Pound
Ground Coffee Was $.85 Per Pound
Helen Hunt, Mike Myers, and Whitney Houston Were Born


June 7, 1963, We Danced the Night Away to Jet Rollo and His Blazers in the School Cafeteria  for our Junior-Senior Prom.


June 10, 1963, We Marched Across the Auditorium Stage to Receive That Important Piece of Paper, "Our Diploma".
Newport's gonna shine tonight! Newport's gonna shine.
Newport's gonna shine tonight all down the line.
She's all dressed up tonight. That's a good sign.
When the sun goes down and the moon comes up, Newport's gonna shine!
We're Newport born and Newport bred and when we die will be ol' Newport dead!
Newport's gonna shine tonight! Newport's gonna shine.
When the sun goes down, and the moon comes up, Newport's gonna shine!

What a memory!
Here's a memory from classmate - Craig Miller
Do you remember October 24th, 1962? We showed up at school and one third of our fellow students were not there. They and their parents had left town to get outside of the nuclear fireball zone where all oxygen would be consumed in your bomb shelter if you had one. We were inside the number 3 top priority target area for the USSR and Kennedy had just given his ultimatum the day before to Khrushchev. I remember seeing my friends and we were all saying, "we're still here!" with a nervous chuckle.