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Vicki Hankins (Rudy)
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Independent Fashion Consultant Rep Married 2
Wow! 50 years is a long time ago! I've since married my husband, Bob, of 47 years and we have been blessed with a son, Mark, and a daughter, Elizabeth and 6 wonderful grandchildren, 3 girls and 3 boys ranging in ages 12 years - 9 months. Our son resides in the Chicago area and our daughter is only 6 miles from us. 
We have had the opportunity to live in several cities in the U.S., after leaving Virginia. We were in Southern California for about 3 years (where our son was born), then Dallas for 10 years (where our daughter was born), then Chicago for 7 years (loved it and made some great friends there, but brrrr can get cold) and then to Roswell, GA (Atlanta area) for 19 years.
In my child raising years, I had the priviledge of being at home with the children and was able to pursue my interest of nutritional supplementation and it's benefits. (Being introduced to Shaklee Products in the 70's changed our lives for the better.) Today, it is a norm but then... it was unconventional.
Almost 10 years ago, about the time our daughter was getting married, a dear friend (from our Chicago years) introduced me to CAbi where I became involved in "Fashion, Friends and Fun" as a consultant and it has been a wonderful business for me. My husband's career has been in Martgage Lending. That alone tells you there were several years it was pretty lean on his end, but the industry has made a nice recovery. 
The years have brought more wisdom, taught patience, developed  perserverance and had the best and the worst. I have been very blessed in my life with a sweet husband and family and friends with whom to share life. A signifcant time in my life wass when a freind invited me to a Bible Study while living in Dallas, and I realized I wanted more of a relationship with Christ and began that journey to know Him more intimately. That relationship is continuing to mold me today.
I am looking so forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion, Hugs to all!
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Virginia (Ginny) Goolsby (James)
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retired teacher Married 2
  • After high school, I continued to serve as asst manager and Red Cross lessons instructor at the Glendale pool--through 1966.
  • Next was College of William and Mary where I majored in history and did my student teaching at the old Ferguson High School. Swam. Sorority. Good time! Back for Masters, 1984
  • Began teaching in 1967 (summer school government at Ferguson, one year in Henrico schools, and then to VA Beach schools till retirement in 2011--almost all VA and US Government and Politics)
  • Most of career at Frank W. Cox High School; also sponsored yearbook, Model UN, World Affairs Club, FEA, TARS; won Teacher of the Year, etc. Still do some part-time at Cox
  • Married Randall H. James (Randy, Hampden-Sydney, 1967) in June, 1968. Stockbroker, banker; retired investor
  • Taught only part-time from spring of 1972-fall of 1980; home with daughter Lee and son John
  • Board of Directors and Secretary of World Affairs Council of Greater Hampton Roads; Precinct Captain; VB Republican Women's Club (Scholarship Chair); Tidewater Antiques and Arts; ADK, etc.
  • Daughter (also William and Mary) married in 1996 to Neil Tanner; Phila, an international corporate attorney. Three sons.
  • Son (College of Charleston) married Lynn Hopkins; Norfolk, a Nurse Practitioner. One daughter, one son.
  • Other family: sister Becky (NNHS 64 and W&M 68) lives nearby and still teaching; her daughter Catherine was W&M 2000 and masters, 2001--taught at Cox with me; both parents deceased, but Randy's mom's doing well at 92 in Richmond
  • Diversions: family, travel, reading, gardening, crochet
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Wayne Gaskill
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retired Married
After graduating from NNHS, I attended Fork Union Military Academy for a year, attended University of Richmond, graduated from University of Alabama, BS in Business.  Since I was in ROTC in college Uncle Sam waited no time in sending me to school.  At Ft Bragg, NC, went to psychological operations training, at Ft Knox, KY, learned to be a tank commander (coldest winter ever recorded), and at Ft Holibird, MD, intelligence gathering school.  I was assigned as a Military Intelligence Officer in Okinawa, Japan. 
I had met Susan Whitaker of Midlothian, VA. at the U of R.  We were married and wives were allowed to accompany husbands on tours of duty to Japan.  She taught school for DOD while in Okinawa.  We were fortunate to travel to most countries in S E Asia.  We really got the travel bug, enjoying learning about other cultures. 
After military service, I took a position with Richmond based retailer Best Products.  The company was in a rapid growth mode.  I was a store manager, opening and managing stores in Michigan, Ohio and New Jersey.  Although we liked living in south Jersey, we decided to move back home to become self-employed and close to aging parents.  We owned and operated a travel agency in Richmond for 27 years.  Being my own boss was a plus.  Most of our business was groups and cruises.  Susan escorted many senior groups to Alaska, Europe, Australia and other destinations.  We were able to travel to 6 of the 7 continents.  It was a great run.  We are now retired living in Richmond.
Looking forward to seeing all of you in October.
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William B. (Billy) N/A (Weaver, Jr.)
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Retired - Vice President, Newport News Shipbuilding Married 5
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